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adam and eve?

big sur fashion show

paper dress!

this was a grand event:  the annual big sur fashion show.  big sur being big sur, the only rule was that you had to design and wear an outfit made of anything that was not fabric!  esme was in chicago at the time of the show, but she sent along a spy to participate and report.

the event was thoroughly photographed by local photographer kodiak greenwood.  from what esme can tell, it looks like it started in daylight and went on into the wee hours of the night, getting wilder as evening fell and libations were consumed/inhaled.

you can see that garments were made of foil, paper, metal, bamboo, old stuff, new stuff……esme might have had a hard time with this scenario.  since childhood she has had a thing about PERMANENCE.  for some reason, the fleetingness of things has always disturbed her.  so, the idea that one would construct a garment to wear for a single event, and then deconstruct it the next day would have gone against her grain.  and she has never had sufficient psychoanalysis to get over this issue!

anyway, the folks in big sur had no such inhibitions!  enjoy the photos!

a new hat for the queen?

fighting entropy all the way,



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