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upside down

huh?? you’re saying, right?  you’ve probably forgotten that esme wrote a post awhile back about techniques for getting dressed if you are a victim of the limited motion and aches and pains of middle-age and on.  one of the best was one that esme learned from whimsey:  to put on a tank top without dislocating your shoulder or kinking up your neck, simply step into the top as though it was a skirt or pair of pants, and pull up.  this has the added benefit of creating a smooth look along the torso.

esme was gratified to learn the other day that this hint had changed someone’s life.  as a retired health-care professional, esme still retains remnants of the desire to actually help someone, so this was especially gratifying.  one of esme’s gym buddies had been struggling to get into her spagetti-strap exercise top when esme told her about this upside down technique.  she later reported that she uses it all the time, and was amazed that she hadn’t thought of it herself after all these years.

now the funny thing about this is that the buddy in question is one of the most flexible people esme knows.  a former dancer, she can not only touch her toes but can put her entire palm on the ground!  it is a sight to behold.  apparently, however, when one is sticky from hot-yoga, swimming or just life, it’s difficult to pull on one’s top no matter how flexible one is!

esme used the upside-down technique to try on dresses when she was on her cocktail dress quest.  this was after she had pulled one on over her head and almost ended up a) in traction, and b) needing to be pulled out of the dress by the jaws of life.  now, if she can’t step into a dress, the dress ends up in a puddle on the floor!  (just kidding….esme always re-hangs the clothes she tries on and you should too!)

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