by admin on July 2, 2011

july 1 sandy claws

if you don’t live in carmel, you may not know about the carmel pine cone and the coveted weekly dog-column called sandy claws.  many people read the pine cone just to see the dog-of-the-week (as well as to check up on real estate prices and local gossip).  esme’s dog, hunter, was puffed up with pride (or maybe too many treats) when he found out that he was this week’s featured dog!

esme was planning on telling you that he posed for the camera garbed only in his one black spot, but as it turned out, he was pictured in a stunning little dog rain-coat.  the coat had been purchased some years ago in a carmel shop, and has done yeoman’s duty for several winters.

the author perfectly captured hunter’s princely spirit, and i do hope you will be as charmed by him as we are!

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