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view from restaurant 1833 in monterey

a lovely wine

i’m sure you remember that just a few weeks ago esme was complaining about her ennui with the people-watching in carmel.  well just last night the noirs decided to try a much-anticipated new restaurant in monterey called 1833.  it used to be stokes adobe–a quite wonderful place–but has been in limbo for several years.  esme had thought it was called 1833 because that was it’s address, but come to find out that’s not it…..hmmm….maybe the 1833 is the date the building was constructed….or something.  well, no matter.  it turned out to be an experience worth having and repeating.  and not the least of it was the people-watching!

restaurant 1833 is located in the old-town section of monterey, a little neighborhood filled with charming older buildings in the spanish adobe style. as soon as we entered the rather cavernous monterey colonial place we knew we were in for a treat.  we were greeted by an abundance of spiffily attired persons and conducted ceremoniously to our seats.  we had a lovely view of the surrounding architecture, as well as a good vantage point for checking out the guests.

esme was immediately impressed to see that many of the women were actually dressed up—spagetti-strap dresses, spangles, fetching little suits……the modal male attire consisted of dark jeans topped with tailored jackets.  esme herself was wearing her favorite kelly lane dress, and mr. noir sported a navy blazer and vibrant blue/black/white open-collared shirt.

perhaps what makes people interesting to watch is not so much their native appearance but how they choose to turn themselves out.  it’s that extra little effort to look cool that makes all the difference.  esme hates to admit that she wondered whether some of these patrons might have been from say, l.a. or someplace exotic like that.  but perhaps they were locals (just like the noirs) dressed for the occasion.

in any case we had a fabulous feed.  pork fritters with frisee.  calamari salad.  roast loin of veal with sweetbreads. lamb 2 ways.  a beautiful red burgundy that we sipped for reasonable corkage. 15 years ago esme would definitely have had dessert, and so should you!





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