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dressing up

esme and her chum coco have been discussing a really heavy-duty fashion question:  why does one dress up for an occasion, and what are the meanings, implications and consequences of doing so?  i imagine you’ve all meditated on this question at one time or another, especially when preparing for a dressy event, a vacation, or even a dinner engagement.

the noirs took a little trip up to san jose’s santana row to meet up with some friends.  it was a warm summer day, and esme was struck by how well-dressed the crowds were.  no sloppy sweats or silly-looking bermuda shorts here!  the foursome dined at the left bank.  here were women in stylish dresses and cute hats.  one thing getting dressed up does is add to the “vibe” of a place.  esme had noticed this at restaurant 1833 in monterey as well.  taking pains with one’s appearance adds a certain excitement to a place.  it tells others that you are there to see and be seen!  and that the place or occasion is special.

then too, a certain dressiness bespeaks respect/honor for the occasion.  if the occasion is a private party, one’s dress honors the hosts.  esme imagines it also promotes interaction among people—you’ve got to look and be seen and give compliments and take it all in!  all without those horrible icebreaker games that, as you might imagine, esme can’t stand!

of course, what constitutes dressing up depends on the venue and it’s culture:  dressing up for a wedding in big sur would look quite different from dressing up for a wedding in san francisco!  a gym buddy was telling esme that she was married in big sur and wore a black lace dress with a purple silk underslip.

surely when we dress up for an event, it also means we are fantasizing about ourselves in a certain way.  perhaps we imagine ourselves at a speakeasy in paris in the 20’s (midnight in paris);  maybe we imagine that the next wedding will be ours;  most likely we’re not even conscious of the fantasy being played out!  (how’s that for a psychoanalytic perspective!)

what do you think, readers?  esme welcomes your meditations on the meaning of dressing up!




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