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mannikins au naturel

our visit to santana row did, of course, include a bit of shopping.  how could it not?  santana row is a wonderful shopping venue.  there are boutiques, brand-name stores that you don’t find elsewhere, lots of sales….what more could one want?

mr. noir loves the orvis store.  not that he fly fishes (in fact, he usually refuses even to EAT fish), but he does like their plaid shirts and khaki pants.  our friend (who had just returned from a trip to egypt) tried on some very fetching multi-pocket vests.  esme urged him to purchase one, but he decided to hold off.  esme has one of these vests herself.  it’s really useful for walking the dog on the rare day when it’s over 70 degrees here and one needs a garment to hold one’s treats/poop-bags/cell-phone/leashes without adding too much warmth.

esme and her friend checked out an intriguing boutique next door.  among other things, it contained a gorgeous italian cocktail dress in purple silk (size 4) which would have been totally perfect for esme if she had still needed one.  the donald pliner shoe store is always interesting, and was bustling with activity.  the fact is, we barely scratched the surface, as everyone but esme was not feeling their shopping mojo!  this place deserves at least half a day’s shopping, fueled perhaps by a cappuccino or 2, and ended with a martini and a nice dinner.

one of the most intriguing things that esme saw was the mannikin you see pictured above.  this was in the tommy bahama store.  and if you don’t see what’s striking about this lady, i’m not gonna tell ya!






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