by admin on July 6, 2011

sunset center

it’s that time of year again:  time for the carmel bach festival!  this had completely slipped esme’s mind until she and hunter were walking in the park and started chatting with some moms and kids.  (actually, we started chatting because hunter had his eye on their sandwiches.)  it turns out they were bach festival families come early to adjust to the weather and start rehearsals.  a friendly and appealing bunch of folks.

esme was trying to put her finger on what was different about them from the locals one usually sees at the park.  then it came to her:  none of the beautiful little girls were wearing pink!   what do you make of this?  can we hypothesize that the children of musicians defy the norms of grade-school dress?   artists = unconventional = no pink?  oh my, esme’s mother would have loved it!  or is esme reading too much into what could be just coincidence?

hunter and i will have to check back tomorrow,  see if they’ve left any crumbs, and note the musical manner of dress!

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