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esme is not the only one who has started to become alarmed by kate middleton’s recent appearance.  perhaps esme’s calling is really to become a tabloid blogger (just kidding!).  anyway, when esme has caught glimpses of the royal couple on the news or the web (of course esme is scanning the outfits), she has noticed that kate is looking increasingly gaunt.  her upper arms are starting to take on that scary sunken-cheek appearance that is one of esme’s personal red-flags for anorexia.

esme will never forget reading lady di’s biography many years ago.  the descriptions of her eating disorders were heart-wrenching.  omg, please don’t let poor kate meet the same fate!

one blogger noted that kate, who is 5’10” (yikes that’s tall!) weighed only 100 lbs. on the day of her wedding and has lost weight since.  can this be true?  to put this in perspective, at one point following an illness esme weighed 101 lbs.  esme is barely 5’2″ and even she acknowledged she looked WAY TOO THIN at this weight (although she admits it was great for trying on clothes).  anyway, imagine this weight on someone 8 inches taller.

and then imagine everyone in the whole wide world having access to your height, weight, waist measurement, dress size… makes me feel naked just thinking about it!  it’s not as though kate could just check into an eating disorders rehab program either;  while this might be ok for an american movie star, british royalty just doesn’t DO things like that.

esme can only hope that kate will find someone like the speech therapist in THE KING’S SPEECH.  ’twas so striking in this movie how difficult it was for the king to admit he needed, to find, and finally to accept help.

worried for the duchess,



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