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luna luz skirts

esme was just leaving the barnyard shopping center after a discouraging abstainer’s remorse experience at hedi’s shoe outlet (more on this later) when she heard her name called out repeatedly.  well, there aren’t too many esme’s about, so of course her head whipped around and whom did she see but sylvie (owner of sylvie’s unique boutique in the carmel plaza).  sylvie was calling out from the dutch door of a little shop that esme had never seen before.  what in the world was sylvie doing in the barnyard??

come to find out that sylvie, along with 2  partners, has opened a new store.  it’s called ziba, which means beauty in persian.  and quite beautiful it is!  of course esme had to stop in and peruse the merchandise.  a nice open space with lots of windows held familiar brands and unfamiliar garments.  esme recognized aventures (designer of her magic skirt), luna luz, and mcplanet (of which she’s seen a few pieces at sylvie’s).  mmmmm…..lot’s of lovely skirts and eccentric dresses, some wacky pants, tops big and small… ambience that is artsy like sylvie’s but more playful and a bit less pricey.

esme will definitely be back!

happy to be in on the beginning,



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