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forever 21

lots of belts

i’ll tell you right now that esme would not!  31, maybe….41, possibly…..perhaps that’s why it took esme several months to investigate the new store that has lots of shoppers buzzing:  forever 21.  i suppose most people under 50 know about this chain, but esme first heard about it in her history of fashion class.  the college-age set was really excited that a branch was opening in our own del monte center, and several of the kids had already scored jobs there!

in recent months, esme kept running into members of her own age-group sporting cute articles of clothing—when esme inquired, it turned out they had found them at forever 21.  one woman had found 3 pairs of great jeans for $19 each.  another had found some colorful tennies and matching t’s for absurdly small sums.  an article in the ny times proclaimed that, while high-end retail is still not what it was 10 years ago, stores like forever 21 are reviving the art of sportshopping!  with prices like these, one can do a bit of frivolous shopping with the spare change left over from one’s frozen yogurt purchase!

so one evening esme worked up her courage to enter this fountain of retail youth.  it was not easy to find, as it is hidden way in back of the shopping center.  but once you find it you will be amazed.  first off, it’s huge.  acres and acres of colorful clothes spread over 2 stories.  there is even an escalator as a concession to us less energetic shoppers!

jeans, cocktail dresses, peasant blouses, maxi-dresses—the difficulty is in figuring out what’s where.  esme noticed lots of interesting print fabrics.  she has been on a quest for just the right wide belt, and there were many of those to choose from.  but what one really needs here is a guide.  just as esme was having this thought, who did she spy but one of the kids from her fashion class.  he was kind enough to point her towards the middle-aged woman section and would have been happy to help her put together an outfit.  but by this time esme was a bit pooped out and decided that actual shopping would have to wait for another day.

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