by admin on July 14, 2011

car-washing attire

esme debated whether to call this “what to wear to wash your car” vs. “what to wear to get your car washed”—a subtle but crucial difference!  here i managed to snap christophe and friend in their darling car-washing outfits:  rolled-cuff boyfriend jeans and muscles.  goodness–even better than watching the surfers suit up along scenic ave.!  and surely the effect was not altogether unintended (a shirt would not really have interfered), even though the only audience was esme and mr. noir.  too bad you (or your daughters) weren’t here! i thought i had an even better pic, but my iphone is acting up (BAD iphone!).    christophe tells me it’s time to shop for a new iphone.

however, i must warn you ladies not to try this at home.  or, on second thought, maybe it would be a great way to get a passing guy to wash your car for you!  either that, or to get arrested for indecent exposure.  but what is life, after all, without risks??  if you’ve got it, flaunt it!!  just don’t tell the cops that esme made you do it!




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