by admin on July 15, 2011

ever sinai leather jacket from amazon

although few us of would like to admit to this practice, i’m sure more than one of us has engaged in it (esme included).  what, you might ask, is masochistic after-shopping??  this, my dears, is the dark side of sport-shopping.  esme found herself doing it just the other day.

you may recall the little fawn-colored leather jacket that esme obsessed over and finally purchased.  well, she has been quite happy with it, but……she caught herself looking at similar leather jackets in paloosh (downtown carmel), contrasting and comparing, and basically trying to reassure herself that she had chosen the right one.  she did the same thing when she received an email from amazon showing leather jackets.   not much that is productive comes of such a practice, and yet there are times when one just can’t help it!

a related variation can occur when one  (reluctantly of course) buys something at full price and then looks obsessively to see if one could have gotten the item on sale.  esme has done a bit of this with her nydj jeans.  the good (or maybe bad) thing is she has NOT found any in this particular style on sale.  this practice does have some limited positive possibilities:  if a person needs 2 of something (the perfect jeans would be a good example), there is always the prospect of paying full-price for the first one and then scoring a bargain on the second!   rest assured that esme has not given up on the nydj’s!

so how many of you would admit to occasional bouts of masochistic after-shopping???  as mr. noir used to say “you can tell me….i’m a doctor!”




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