by admin on July 16, 2011

naot rosemary sandals from zappos


i hope you are as tickled by the concept of masochistic after-shopping as esme is.  she is so taken with the idea that she felt compelled to devote a second post to it!

an interesting variant of masochistic after-shopping occurs when one fails to buy something that later disappears from the store;  one then spends fruitless hours looking for a similar one in the shops, on-line, etc.

this happened to esme just last week.  she had found some naot “rosemary” sandals in the hedi’s shoe outlet.  utilitarian-looking in the box, they were surprisingly flattering (as well as comfortable) on the foot.  these sandals, originally priced at $140, had made their way to hedi’s $40 rack.

following her usual advice, esme turned the sandals upside down in their box so they’d be less conspicuous and decided to sleep on the decision.  she awakened with the conviction that the sandals should be hers.

back she went, only to find the place where they had rested filled with empty air!  a search by the salesman yielded the memory that he had sold them to someone else not hours before!  naturally esme wanted them even more.  and she did find several on-line, but only at full-price!  a classic case of abstainer’s remorse (as well as masochistic after-shopping).

btw, if you live in the area, or if you are visiting from out of town (for the bach festival perhaps), you owe it to yourself to make a trip to the barnyard shopping center and check out hedi’s outlet.  they specialize in european comfort shoes, and have just what you need for walking around town.  if you don’t find what you need there you can always check out their regular store right across the way.

still dreaming of rosemary,



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