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harry potter lighning tattoo

remember how esme was complaining about the dearth  of people-watching in carmel?  well, she is happy to report that she has found a few entertaining venues after all.  i know it’s not exactly the champs-elysees, but a window-seat in del monte center’s chipotle can yield all sorts of interesting sights.  esme sometimes goes there for an early dinner when mr. noir is out of town or otherwise occupied.  a little-known secret is that chipotle has absolutely terrific margarita’s for less than five dollars, and esme enjoys the chicken soft-tacos.  she likes to sit by the window, getting a little buzz and taking in the sights.

chipotle is kind of the nexus where all cultures/ages/social classes/body types residing in the greater monterey bay area intersect.  you see footballers fresh from practice;  defense language institute (dli) students/professors in burkas; military folks in muscles and tattoos; single fathers with toddlers; cute middle-aged ladies out for a shop; teenagers hanging out; big-sur denizens in dreadlocks.

one day esme noticed that it was a great place to analyze how people looked in their jeans.  most folks were wearing jeans, and the variations were mind-boggling.  clearly, those whose bodies were gently smoothed into their jeans but not stuffed in like sausages looked the best. of course esme wondered if these exemplars were COMFORTABLE….but this kind of data is not the kind you can get from simple observation.

another day esme wandered in and was momentarily shocked to notice a young woman in line with blood on her forehead….omg!  then esme looked more closely and saw that she was standing with 2 other girls with the same problem—what appeared to be little red lightning strikes where south asians might sport a bindi.  a new cult?  one was wearing a black robe–ah ha!—harry potter fans!   how cute!  as esme tucked into her tacos all sorts of youngsters in harry and hermione outfits came and went.  several looked very fetching in white blouses and school ties—an upcoming fashion trend??

esme could only wonder who might be looking at her, and what they might be thinking.  but the only one who appeared to notice was a darling 6-month old baby who made google-eyes at her.  i don’t know why, but esme has always attracted babies.  you know how young babies are said to be attracted to black and white designs?  well, esme’s theory is that the under one crowd likes esme’s dramatic brows…..but just like the mind of a dog, the mind of an infant is ultimately unknowable.

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