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not-your-daughter's-jeans with rhinestones

any clinician or scientist worth his or her salt will make sure to do a follow-up study on an intervention.  why should a good fashion blogger be any different?  i imagine you’ve all been wondering what happened with esme’s not-your-daughter’s-jeans dilemma.  well.  after doing extensive local and on-line research, esme decided she owed it to herself to return to macy’s and re-try a pair of straight-leg nydj’s in 2p.

she girded up her loins, mounted the escalator with vigor, and headed straight for the jeans rack in the petit section (hidden way in back).  thank heavens the jeans were still there (no need for masochistic after-shopping)!  she plucked them from the rack along with a few other styles in 2p for comparison, and nipped into the dressing room.

guess what?  these jeans were actually about as close to perfect as one could hope to get.  dark in color with no distressing, they were flattering to the rear, fitted but not tight, and most amazingly of all, did not need to be hemmed.  esme had heard from multiple sources that these jeans can stretch a lot.  however, this pair was made of cotton/spandex and poly, which esme hypothesized had been added to prevent stretching.

just as a precaution, esme wore the jeans around the living room for an hour or so to see what happened.  they received a thumbs up from mr. noir (who really doesn’t like the lo-rise look), held their shape, and were quite comfy.  holding her breath, esme carefully removed the tags and committed herself to wearing them out of doors.

i am happy to report that these jeans have been a huge success.  the higher waist and tighter fit takes a bit of getting used to, but the fabric has just the tiniest amount of give to provide comfort.  it is interesting to note that the higher waist also makes the jeans considerably warmer, a plus so far in the extremely foggy summer we’ve been having here in carmel.  but the best thing about these jeans is that whenever esme catches a glimpse of herself in a store window, she looks surprisingly good!  and they seem to be fine with tops long, short, tight or loose.  they are slimming without creating an anorexic look, and hold their shape remarkably well.

ok, so…..of course now esme wants another pair.  in fact, she just remembered that she has forgotten to take the jeans out of the washer and hang to dry! (back in a sec.)  the best thing would be to find a pair as part of the nordstrom’s anniversary sale, or perhaps the macy’s pre-fall sale, or failing that, on zappos with no tax.  a quick check of macy’s confirmed that esme had bought the only pair in her size.  nordstrom’s almost had the right pair, but upon closer inspection they turned out to have rhinestones on the butt.  omg, mr. noir would never forgive esme for a rhinestone-decorated rear, and anyway i’m afraid they’d scratch the leather on her car!

so i’m…….

still searching,



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