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drying jeans in the car

every once in a while esme gets an idea that she (if not the rest of her family) considers brilliant.  actually, i’m sure mr. noir considers most of my ideas brilliant, but he is so given to understatement that i wouldn’t know (at least that’s my theory). the other day, one of the first sunny days we’d had in months, esme was swimming laps and wondering how long it would take  for her favorite jeans to air-dry when she hit upon an inspiration:  why not hang one’s jeans to dry in the car??

every article about dogs and summer will tell you that the temperature in one’s car can rise quickly to harmful levels.  one should never leave a pet unattended.  but jeans might be quite happy in 100 degree air!  not only that but mr. noir would be very happy if esme did not hang her laundry to dry in the bedroom window.  it’s too damp here, and there are too many birds to have a clothes line (anyway mr. noir would have a conniption), but a car-line…….

esme dashed home to try it out.  unfortunately, the leather in her car is a light tan, and it was difficult to find a place in the car that was not covered in dog-fur, so conditions were not perfect.  she finally draped the jeans over the front seat, anchoring the pants legs under the head-rest, cracked the windows to allow for evaporation, and waited.

a few hours later she returned to check on her experiment. hmmmm……the jeans were dry-ER but not exactly dry.  well, every brilliant idea needs a little fiddling.  esme’s mind whirred with ideas:  rig up a place to hang rather than drape; drive around with the jeans to improve circulation; get a car with a black interior (oh my then mr. noir could help esme shop for cars!)…..

it is only now while writing this post that esme has stopped to consider the problem of being mistaken for a person living in her car.  now this wouldn’t really worry esme, but she doesn’t think mr. noir would be too enthusiastic about it.  perhaps some kind of really slick designer car-clothes-line would do the trick.  one might have to keep one’s car really clean.  and maybe display the clothing labels prominently as they hang.

so try this out, readers, and let esme know how it works!

greener and greener,



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