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5-fingers are all the rage

perhaps you will recall that esme and her son christophe got into a little pre-paris kerfuffle concerning 5-fingers.   5-fingers are those crazy-looking shoes with a place for each toe that have become all the rage here on the central coast.  christophe was preparing for his first-ever trip abroad, which was to include 2 weeks in paris.  he blithely assumed that he’d pack his new 5-fingers shoes and wear them for casual walks around the city.  esme and mr. noir went pale with horror when they heard this.  they feared he’d be the laughing stock of all paree!

knowing that the big c. listens to other adults before he’ll believe his parents, esme posted a blog and facebook question about the issue.  she received immediate feedback confirming her worst fears.  one reader described the shoes as “a female repellent”, while another saw them as an insult to french culture. christophe did consent to shopping for a new pair of shoes to bring along, but the 5-fingers ended up in his back-pack nonetheless.

it was not until christophe returned stateside that esme was able to pursue a bit of follow-up research. christophe told this charming tale.  on the one day that he decided to wear the shoes in question he got lost trying to find versailles, where he was to meet up with some friends.  as he was standing on a corner looking at a map on his iphone he noticed some cute girls laughing and pointing at his feet.  they were gabbling away in french, assuming that christophe did not speak the language.  always quick on the draw, christophe addressed them in his newly acquired french:  est-ce que vous parlez au subjet de mes chaussures?? (or something to that effect).  charmed by his french (and probably by his smile), the girls offered to escort him to versailles.  the almost hour-long metro ride flew by as christophe chatted away with the lovely desmoiselles and secretly thanked his 5-fingers.  to this day, christophe and the girls remain in touch via facebook, and one is an avid follower of christophe’s blog!

so much for parental advice,



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