by admin on July 21, 2011

shopping for glasses

esme had never really considered buying glasses “shopping”.  a contact lens wearer since her early 20’s, she has tried to avoid wearing glasses except in dire emergencies.  not only does she dislike the way glasses diminish her eyes, but she finds them positively uncomfortable;  it feels like there’s a THING in front of her face (which there is).

however, the depredations of middle age affect even the eyes, and esme has been a victim of eye-aging in recent months.  a persistent scratchy feeling in one eye has forced her to abandon her contacts (at least for now) and take up her glasses.

it was not until she was waiting for her eyes to dilate and browsing the selection of frames in the eye-doctor’s office that esme realized that right here before her was a shopping opportunity!  a little bubble of excitement rose up in her chest, pushing aside the sinking feeling she’d been experiencing before.  wow!  she began avidly trying on multiple frames, amazed at how different each one made her face look.

esme did not find the right pair that day, but decided to go on a new quest.  she started noticing glasses on everyone she saw.  she remembered a little store right in town that had interesting frames in the window.  she realized that the world of glasses could be a large and exciting one.  perhaps just the right frames could even make an outfit “pop”!

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