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ronit furst glasses

some theo glasses

attempting to comfort herself about the possible end of her career as a contact lens wearer, esme decided to nip into a little carmel shop (optique america) where she had admired the glasses when passing by.  there was a petit dark-haired woman avidly trying on sunglasses.  despite having a rather delicate face, she was intent upon buying an over-sized pair that would protect her completely from the sun.  her two pre-teen daughters were helping her out.  as esme browsed through the cases, this woman pointed out a pair of glasses and suggested they would look good on esme.  always one for communal shopping, esme was happy to try them on.

they were a pair of german-made frost glasses, pinkish brown with black accents.  vaguely rectangular. definitely edgy.  as esme was checking herself out in the mirror, a couple of other women came in and complimented esme on the glasses.  hmmm….they were starting to look pretty good.  it’s always particularly hard to see how glasses look on oneself, not only because one can’t see well without one’s glasses but also because there is something about staring at one’s own face in the mirror that gets confusing.  a frown of concentration usually appears, and if one attempts to smile at oneself it just doesn’t work.  so some sort of outside opinion is particularly useful.

after trying on a few more pairs (esme had always wanted to try some harry potter glasses but they looked a bit silly), esme decided to sleep on the matter.  however, a few hours later she thought, “why not?”  could she possibly make a decision like this with hardly a murmur of her usual obsessional process?  back she went and ordered the glasses!

a few weeks went by while they were being made up.  in the meantime, esme was noticing glasses on everyone.  a guy at a party had on some really cool frames made of metal that changed colors at different angles.  turned out they were by a belgian maker called theo.  then mr. noir happened to run into a glass door, breaking his only pair of glasses, and we had to make an emergency trip to the optometrist.  mr. noir found a place (insight eyewear in monterey) with TONS of interesting glasses and made esme promise to check them out.

the people working there really did have a lot of insight.  i’d always thought of mr. noir as having large features, but the part of his head where his eyes are (!) is somewhat narrow.  this meant that smaller frames that were not too “strong” tended to look best on him.  in fact, a modified harry potter frame looked quite adorable!   while mr. noir was trying on just about every frame in the store, esme decided to try on a few just for fun.  what do you know, a frame by an israeli designer, ronit furst, looked quite fetching on her!  these were roundish frames of a matte gray, with one purple ear-piece and one red one.  gamine, playful and really quite flattering.  uh oh…..masochistic after-shopping???

you know there are people out there who have more than one pair of glasses at a time.  esme could imagine wearing this pair with her gray-oriented outfits and the other with her tan and black oriented outfits.  however, esme has never been one of these people (anyway, she really hopes to go back to being a contact wearer).  maybe she could buy these frames and just wear them with her contacts?  oh good grief!

well, i’m happy to report that esme just got her new glasses and they have received quite a positive response from christophe, mr. noir, and the lady at the drug store.  plus, she can actually SEE out them.

all’s well that ends well,


frost eyeglasses


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