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esme's purse and glasses

favorite red coat

i started out calling this post “things i received compliments on”, then thought that was too ungrammatical. i tried “things upon which i received compliments.”  but that sounded too school-marmish.  a sneaky way out of a grammatical dilemma like this one is to try another tack entirely….et voila!

esme got this idea from the new food-writer in the monterey herald.  he has a section called “best things i ate this week.”  what a brilliant (and simple) notion!  i suppose i could write about “best clothes i saw this week”, but i’ve already told you about most of those.  and anyway, you know how esme loves compliments!  so……

just this morning at the gym a swimming buddy noted  how esme’s purse and glasses matched.  this is someone with a good eye, so esme was especially happy to receive this compliment.  indeed, both her bag and new glasses have geometrical shades of tan/brown/black. she had to admit that they did look cool together, as well as setting off  her dark jeans and black favorite t.  however, she remains concerned about integrating the glasses into the rest of her wardrobe, which is dominated by purples and grays.

a trip to a bach festival vocal master class netted esme another fascinating musical experience AND a compliment on her red animale coat.  can you believe that it has been cold enough here in carmel that a long wool coat is just the ticket?  this coat is surprisingly versatile for being red, and is one of the purchases of which esme is most proud.  it jazzes up almost any outfit and can be worn with big tops as the the sleeves are nice and loose.

how about you, readers?  anyone want to share the latest compliments you have received?





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