by admin on July 25, 2011

bread worth eating

well of course she can, but you all know that what i really mean is can she eat bread without blowing up and being unable to fit in her jeans?  or, to put it another way, SHOULD she eat bread?  this question arose because esme decided there was no reason she couldn’t  write about “best things i ate all week,” just like the food-writer in the monterey herald. and the best thing she ate all week was a piece of bread.

this was not an ordinary piece of bread, but a piece of bread that was totally worth eating, even if it did cause one’s jeans to feel a little tight.  these days esme rarely indulges in bread with dinner, especially if it’s white.  however, she had picked up a nice-looking loaf of la brea sour dough at the store, reasoning that it would be good for christophe.  christophe, being an active 21 year old male, has to worry more about not consuming enough calories rather than about becoming too big for his britches.

anyway, the bread began to look more and more appealing as dinner progressed.  esme could even smell it.  she decided that she had to have just one slice.  and was she ever glad she did:  it was the most toothsome, tenderest bread she had tasted in years.  every bite was a pleasure.  reminded esme of the times when her mother would bake bread with esme and her 3 sisters.  they would eat it fresh from the oven, dripping with butter and honey, and pretend they were pioneers.

and yes, esme felt perfectly fine the next day and her jeans fit perfectly.  sadly, she knows that this would not be the case if she developed a sour dough habit.  however, the story does illustrate one of esme’s rules:  eat only that which is worth eating.  perhaps the same thing could be said for clothes:  wear only what is worth wearing.





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