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shop dog at stephan-cori

white shrug

esme was about to get some frozen yogurt the other day when the power in the shopping center went off.  there was nothing for it but to nip into a few clothing stores, even if the light was going to be a bit dim.  esme was parked right in front of stephan-cori, so she made that her first stop.  what should meet her eye but something that appeared to be a rather large white teddy-bear that someone had dropped on the floor.  the day was getting stranger and stranger…..

esme adjusted her glasses a bit and realized that she was looking at……a puppy!  omg, one of the cutest puppies she had ever seen.  he was spread out on the cool white floor, only an occasional twitch of the ear suggesting he was alive.  he rolled over slightly to show a pink-and-black tummy as esme reached down to give him a pat.  you could not have made hunter behave like this in a million years!  stephanie explained that samoyeds are known for their mellow temperaments (no kidding!), don’t shed, and love everyone around—a perfect shop dog.

so you must stop in and pat this guy.  his name is aspen.  and while you’re there, check out the clothes.  they carry a new line called nougat, which includes some of the loveliest whispery summer dresses in neutral shades of cotton and silk.  there is even a little white summer shrug which would be perfect for carmel fog and matches aspen’s coat.  before long you may find yourself longing for a samoyed, even if you tend to be a terrier person.

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