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sometimes you fall in love with a person, sometimes a blouse or a color or a place……yesterday esme found herself falling in love with a word.  this is a yiddish word that neither esme nor mr. noir had heard before:  shpilkes.  we first heard this wonderful word when it was used by mr. noir’s friend little stevie (he’s called little stevie because he had a cousin named big stevie and the name has stuck).  anyway, little stevie has a tendency to get shpilkes, which is a charming way to suggest that he gets restless, nervous or bored in the course of long dinners with the noirs and wants to move on.  it’s derived from a german word for “pin”, as in “pins and needles.”

esme tends to get shpikles when shopping for cars with mr. noir, and mr. noir gets shpilkes when shopping for clothes with esme.  little kids get immediate shpilkes when shopping with their mothers and should not be taken on such trips.  well-trained dogs are able to overcome their shpilkes and learn to sit and stay (but hunter is not one of them and is not a good shopping dog). so you see, shpilkes is a good word to have in one’s arsenal when discussing sportshopping!

the last word esme fell in love with was the word “stone”.  i don’t know why i love this word so much, but i will buy most any book that has the word stone in the title–e.g. CUTTING FOR STONE (great book btw).  i like the word “bone” too, and have bought many books with this word in the title.  however, the color stone is another matter.  it tends to describe a pale grayish white color that really washes esme out.  the color bone is not much better:  typically it is perhaps a slightly warmer tanner color….but it’s resonance with the term “bone china” is appealing.

how does the clothing industry name colors anyway?  and who does it?  esme would love to be on the little committee responsible for this project! (how about fox-terrier white??)

enough already…..i’m afraid you’re getting shpilkes!




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