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patty in isabel de pedro

isabel de pedro dress at SHE

if you want to be guaranteed a view of a really chic outfit, all you need to do is pop into the little crossroads boutique SHE when the owner is there.  patty is invariably sporting one of the coolest outfits around.

the one pictured here is topped off by a fantastic isabelle de pedro coat with little embroidered pucca shell designs.  patty almost always wears black, but manages to make it look really jazzy.  a statement necklace and a knack for knowing how to put things together contribute to the jazzy effect.

esme imagined that this would be great stuff to wear to a bach festival concert.  she bets that one could get a wink from the charismatic new conductor wearing this sort of attire, and patty will be happy to help put together a fantastic conductor-magnet outfit for you!

SHE carries a variety of killer pieces by isabel de pedro.  the fabrics are soft and luxurious, while the designs are artsy and unexpected.  there are even a few items which indulge in vivid color, such as a slim neon-yellow dress with a spattered paint print.  esme was especially taken with a faux-fleur “corsage”;  it lit up almost any outfit like a great piece of jewelry.

faux fleur "corsage"

so next time you want to look as though you just stepped off the plane from new york, or italy, or maybe spain, stop into SHE and tell them esme sent you!

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