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baroque organ

whether you thought to yourself “it’s always been sexy” or, “it never was sexy” you’d have to admit (if you’d been here) that the carmel bach festival has been just exuding sex appeal.  this reminds esme of one of mr.noir’s favorite jokes:  why did bach have so many children? (why?, you ask).  because his organ had no stops!!!!  lol!

but let’s be serious for a moment.  something that esme has thought about over the years was re-inforced for her by the fabulous tenor rufus mueller in one his master classes:  in baroque times (and really over the course of much of history) people died all the time.  plague, t.b., syphilis, whooping cough, etc. etc.  so a person had to have plenty of children as back-ups, and one would have assumed that many of them would die.  how did people deal with such rampant loss?  one way was through music which, like poetry, is often about sex or death.

esme has told you about the dreamy new conductor, paul goodwin.  when the noirs attended a concert the other day, mr. noir was distracted by his sense that all the women (players and audience alike) were in love with the conductor.  now if you ask esme, this is a good thing, but mr. noir was sorely missing his own heartthrob, the former concert mistress libby wallfisch.

then, esme and claire attended a vocal master class taught by the tenor rufus mueller.  claire has nicknamed him “the hot evangelist” and indeed the man overflows with primal energy. as he put the singers through their paces he focused on how inhibitions in the body interfered with the voice.  the audience was both charmed and slightly horrified as the singers had their stomachs pushed in, their pelvises rotated, their necks manipulated, and……lo and behold the sound turned from “pretty” to the kind that sends shivers down your spine!

claire, who is not one to keep her cards close to her chest in personal matters, had been telling esme about a little crush she’s had on the red-haired violinist.  this is the guy that esme has decribed before, who turned up at rehearsal in shoulder-length curls, flip-flops, and clam-diggers.  (hmmm……maybe he needs a pair of 5-fingers.)  anyway, the noirs had gone for a burger and a glass of wine at fresh cream.  in my opinion, their bar has absolutely the best burger around, and on wednesdays there is no corkage if you bring your own bottle of wine.

who should be sitting at the bar with one of esme’s gym-friends but the red-haired violinist!  esme went right up and introduced herself and peppered him with all sorts of violin-related questions.  omg, was he ever the sweetest and most cuddly-looking guy (mr. noir excepted) that you’ve seen in a long time!  plus, he was interested in esme’s blog.  he has his own web-site which you’ve got to check out, especially the photos of himself as a tyke with a carrot top!

so, you see how our little town is buzzing.  if most of us weren’t at least over the age of 50, i’d expect a little jump in the birth rate about nine months from now!

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