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road trip on route 66

male bonding

like the alliteration???  ok, we all know that women (well, SOME women) love to bond by shopping……but men?  although men don’t typically bond while shopping for clothes, the men in mr. noir’s family have a long history of bonding while shopping for cars.  mr. noir’s father was a rather crusty intimidating individual, but noir has fond memories of shopping with his father  for a new car.  this would happen every  year (in september, when the new cars came out).   there was a white one, a blue one with a white top, a gray one with a white top, several black ones–you get the idea.

when mr. noir graduated from college, his father bought him a little sports car in british racing green.  a few years ago, mr. noir bought one for old times’ sake—was that ever a cute but unsafe vehicle!!  so, when christophe turned 21 this summer, esme and mr. noir decided they’d buy him a car.  esme is aware that her entire side of the family is at risk of falling over in a faint at this news, so she has made sure to warn them in advance before this post is published.  and let me emphasize that this was not to be a new car, but a used one.

buying a gently used car involves A LOT of shopping.  you don’t just go to the dealer and order/pick one up.  these days you can shop all over the world on the internet.  there are issues of mileage, age, warranty, condition, and so on.  after weeks of looking, the guys finally found just the right car in, of all places, fort worth texas.  now there was a choice of whether to have the car trucked to carmel, or to take a road trip to fetch it.

a road trip it was, on route 66.  esme, who stayed behind, felt her heart lifting every time she talked to the guys, who drove, and laughed and ate guy food (ribs and steaks and such) all the way from fort worth to carmel.  4 days later and after an over 14-hour final push, they arrived home bu0yant, bonded, and none the worse for wear.  the best thing was that christophe intoned “i guess i’ll have to buy my son a car when he turns 21″.   awwwwww……

the guys have continued to read car mags together, watch the indie 500, and talk shop.  esme stays gracefully to the side.  she remembers that when christophe was a toddler she wrote a little story called THE BOY WHO LOVED CARS.  of course it had not a chance of publication, being completely un-pc, but mr. noir drew great pictures of cars for it.  it’s somewhere in our attic just waiting to be discovered by our grandchildren.

and i haven’t even told you what they wore,




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