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a strong woman

hunter at the beach

esme has always been pretty happy to be who she is and not someone else. in fact, she has often felt rather guilty at having drawn a lucky straw in life.  she’s content with her parents, her gender, her intelligence, her size, her sexual orientation, her hair-color, the shape of her feet, her ears, the way she went through menopause—all those things in life that you don’t get to choose.

however, in recent months annoying little breakdowns in body-parts have been getting on her nerves.  if she were a car, it would be time to trade her in for a new model before the warranty runs out. a trip to the beach with hunter, a young friend and the friend’s 4 year old boy drove this home.

esme and hunter have not been walking on the beach in a long time (years in fact).  they have preferred to keep to the flatter and safer pathway from where they can see but not feel the sand.  esme wondered how hunter, now 10 years old, would react to his old fetching grounds.  he took to it as though not a day had passed, chasing the ball thrown by the 4 year old as though he were 4 years old himself.

esme was wide-eyed with admiration watching her friend run full-speed along the beach with her boy in tow on a bougie board.  she then lifted him effortlessly onto her shoulders to watch the dolphins that were playing in the waves.  none of her joints creaked.  her back/neck/shoulders did not appear to hurt.  her knees were not in danger of giving out.  she was a picture of fluid motion, not needing to protect or worry about any of her body-parts.

wouldn’t it be lovely to live in a body like this for even a few hours?

what do you think, readers?  have you ever wished to be someone else, if only for a brief time?




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