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cashmere shrug

dyi cashmere shrug

miss c. is another one of those people who almost always turn up wearing something interesting.  we cross paths in the gym locker room as she is getting dressed to go to work, and esme is suiting up to walk the dog.  in addition to her fashion sense, a great thing about miss c. (who is about christophe’s age), is that she actually seems to enjoy talking to us middle-aged ladies.  it’s enough to make one feel young again!

anyway, the other day she was wearing the cutest outfit.  it consisted of a short, wheat-colored cashmere cardigan with 3/4 length sleeves and a mandarin collar worn over an simple above the knee black cotton knit dress.  miss c. is an expert thrifter, and of course she had thrifted the entire thing.

but what was really clever is that she had taken the sweater, originally a pull-over with long sleeves, and tailored it to her liking.  she had simply cut open the front to make a cardigan, and rolled up the sleeves!  the cut did not unravel, but looked perfectly natural.  was this because the weave was so fine?  esme is a bit at a loss to figure this one out, but she is dying to try it herself.  a little cashmere shrug would be the perfect thing to wear in our foggy carmel summer.

deconstructing in my mind,


note:  photo of the real thing to come…with any luck!


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