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trina turk frock

shopping the consignment stores is not really thrifting, but i’ll call it that for lack of a better word.  there are several quite nice versions of such stores here in carmel.  you can find lovely designer clothes for oh…maybe about what they’d cost at a really great going-out-of-business sale at a regular store.  what esme likes about them is that they smell good, the clothes are nicely displayed, and you are unlikely to contend with moth-holes or sweat-stains (though it never hurts to check).

esme had found a really fetching trina turk dress at ritzy rags the other day.  she and claire (a thrifting fiend) took a little trip there to check out the dress, as well as to browse the other merch.  they found several nice jackets.  esme learned that her top half can fit into 8’s and M’s in european designer clothes, and that she needs an upper-arm-ectomy to squeeze into most S’s.  she is not sure she likes this discovery.  however, she did find a fellow patron who fit perfectly into a little theory jacket that was too small for esme, and helped make a sale (no commission ensued, unfortunately).

back to the trina turk.  this is a fetching frock in white with a big black print.  it would have been great for the wedding that esme attended last month, and even better for say, the napa wedding the noirs attended um 6 years ago.  the skirt fit esme perfectly, and landed nicely just below the knee.  the top half was a bit problematic,  calling out for perhaps a little breast reduction surgery (are you picking up a theme here??).  claire agreed.

but esme got to thinking that just the right black shrug might solve the problem, or maybe, rather than de-constructing her body, esme could de-construct the dress.  why not take a lesson from miss c. and alter the bodice of the dress?  i’m sure someone out there would know how to do this.  esme was imagining the addition of some black gross-grain ribbon or…..

oh pooh!!!  you know as well as i do that esme can barely sew on a button.  to really alter the dress properly would take a trip to ericka engleman and a wad of cash.  so now esme is looking for a person about her size, but with a high small bust who would be perfect for a black-and-white trina turk summer frock.  if that’s you, give me a buzz.

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