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soma vanishing edge bra

with a few scattered summerish days finally here, esme has been on a quest for a simple, not-too-expensive t-shirt bra to wear with her sheer or knit white tops.  her other bras work well with dark tops, but are prone to the wet t-shirt look when worn under white.  even though mr. noir is quite a fan of this look, esme decided it was not really for her after a few trial runs.

a gym buddy was wearing a perfect specimen the other day.  when esme inquired, it turned out to be made by hanes and purchased on line for a good price.  esme’s high hopes were dashed, however, when she discovered that it did not exist in anything approaching her size.  well, i guess i never was a cheap date…..and at least i did not pay an arm and a leg for the boobs (in fact, they were free).

esme decided to pop into soma, the home of her most recent every-day bra purchase.  she was helped by a charming young woman with a really cool hair ornament—a round thing made of feathers that looked like a tiny hat but was actually a head-band.  esme imagined that she might wear such a thing even with her very short hair.

but back to bras.  esme tried on about 10 of them. almost all were comfortable and fit well (an amazing development, as you will know if you’ve shopped for bras recently).  however, none had any what i’ll call “husband appeal”.  i learned this concept from mr. noir’s stereophile magazine;  one of the writers rates audio equipment  in terms of it’s “wife appeal factor” (which, if you ask me, is usually zero).  anyway….if you’re looking for husband-appeal, you owe it to yourself to take a trip to intima, or your local equivalent.

esme decided to sleep on the bra issue.  as it turned out, the one that stuck in her imagination was a bra called the “vanishing edge bra.”  it is designed to do away with back-fat, and guess what?  it works!!!  the only trouble is that while the back of the bra becomes invisible under a t,  the metal things to adjust the straps are in the front of the bra rather than the back.  this detracts from it’s husband appeal when viewed head-on.  well, i guess it depends on the husband (don’t get me started).

ah hem…, as long as you are planning to wear the bra under something and not on it’s own, it could become a very useful item.  and it could save you a bundle on lipso-suction.  esme is thinking about going back and investing in one, even though mr. noir completely pooh-pooh’s the whole idea of back-fat!

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