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physicians formula eye-liner

there are many things in life that you may never have thought to worry about, even if you are an expert worrier like esme.  that is, until something goes wrong. but the good thing is that, the more things that go wrong (let’s say with your body), the more you have to worry about and the more you learn.  this process, and being brought up in a family of doctors, is how esme has acquired a surprising amount of medical knowledge without going to medical school.

the latest eye-opening experience has to do with eyes.  a long-time contact lens wearer, esme has recently developed a sensitive eye that prohibits the wearing of this wonderful invention.  even worse, the problem interfered with the wearing of any kind of eye make-up.  imagine how embarrassing this would be for a person who prides herself on having at least a tiny bit of fashion sense and a presentable look (considering her age).

esme asked her (male) eye-doctor about wearing eye make-up.  he was optimistic about the possibility of finding some that would not bother esme’s eyes, but knew nothing about what to look for.  he suggested an internet search.  i guess eye make-up is not something they delve into in medical school!

a quick search later, esme came up with a few brands that were recommended for sensitive eyes. physician’s formula came up most frequently (is it really made by physicians??), so esme decided to look for some.  a more general recommendation was to use non-crumbly eye-liner, as the little crumbles can get into the eye and cause trouble.  luckily enough, the local drug-store had the physicians formula liquid eye-liner in a few colors.  esme decided to try the gray.  applying it takes a bit of getting used to, but so far so good!

esme hasn’t worn eye-shadow for awhile (her eye-lids are so crumpley that it really doesn’t show), and mascara has always been uncomfortable.  but know that she’s had success with the eye-liner, she may branch out.  who knows….next thing you know she could be mistaken for say….dolly parton!

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