by admin on August 5, 2011

esme's new specs (unretouched)

i don’t know about that, but they can certainly change a) how others perceive you and b) what you wear.  esme is thrilled to report that she continues to receive compliments on her glasses.  “edgy” is a frequently used descriptor, and one friend told her she should never go back to contacts.  even christophe, when he and esme went shopping for frames and esme did a little sportshopping, was heard to say “mom, you look great in glassses.”  maybe esme really does need 18 pairs, like the woman who owns the glasses store!

because esme’s new specs are on the bold side, she has been noticing that they change the way she dresses.  first of all, she is gravitating to various combinations of black and tan to echo the glasses.  secondly, she finds that many of her earrings conflict with the glasses.  her two favorite pairs of dangly silver-and-black, and dangly silver-and-tan earrings end up being just too much with the glasses.   in fact, she hardly needs any jewelry at all (not that she ever wears much).  thirdly, she is noticing that her purplish shades of lip-stick don’t look quite right.  she imagines something in a paloma picasso red (do they still make that?) might be perfect.  time to do some lip-stick shopping.  perhaps we should call this the sartorial domino effect!

now i’m sure that any of you who have not seen esme in person are just dying to see what she looks like in the new glasses.  it has taken me awhile to get up the guts to publish a photo, which inevitably shows all of esme’s wrinkles and freckles and i feel bad about my neck.   christophe took this one the other day, and it’s not half bad!

a bit self-consciously,






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