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white eskandar blouse (

black eskandar blouse (

esme has been making a concerted effort to wear more and spend less.  this leaves her with a couple of problems:  what to do with the shopping instinct, and how to come up with ideas for her blog.  one solution she’s currently exploring is to throw herself more whole-heartedly into thrifting.

there are several nice thrift stores right in carmel–yellow brick road, and the afrp–as well as an assortment of consignment stores.  to reach them, esme has to venture away from her frozen yogurt routine and make her way to the barnyard shopping center.  i don’t know if it was sheer luck, increased motivation, or what, but esme actually found several cool things at yellow brick road the other day.

the first was a black cotton eskandar blouse for $16.  as you may know, these can retail for several hundred dollars.  esme saw one on the net for $450!  this blouse had a tiny flaw, but hey, it fit, looked good, and just needed a turn at the cleaners to be terrifically useful  esme has been loving the white eskandar blouse ($40) and the wheat colored sweater she found last year at the s.f. consignment stores, and they have been worth every penny.  great to mix and match with various expensive sylvie harem pants etc.

claire happened to call just as esme was contemplating the eskandar, and came along to advise and sportshop.  she found a few articles for herself and was waiting in line to pay when the pair spotted a cute-looking tan dress on one of the racks.  oh what the heck….esme tried it on.  guess what?  it was fab!  stretchy, fitted, a slit up the side, spaghetti straps (!)  the label just says “H”…anyone heard of this???  what was esme doing trying on dresses with spaghetti straps, i wondered?  lord knows, but she imagined the dress with a little black shrug.  anyway, as claire kept pointing out, it was FOUR DOLLARS!!!

of course, esme found a few other items along the way (a black ruched turtleneck, a faconnable blouse, a red rash guard).  hard to resist this stuff for single-digit prices.  esme was a bit nervous about mr.noir’s response to the dress.  you know how picky he can be.  with a little accessorizing (we added a short paprika cashmere cardi, a bakelite bracelet, some neutral sandals) the dress make quite the hit.  admittedly, it probably needs some spanx, a thong, or at the very least some no-lines underwear, but….

i can’t post a photo yet because my iphone is acting up, but as soon as christophe gets back in town i’ll see what i can do.




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