by admin on August 7, 2011

wide-legged pants

esme keeps reading that wide-leg pants are in.  she has to admit that they look pretty cool in the fashion mags.  will regular folks really start to wear them?  before you leap in, let me warn you about some of the hazards of this style.

first of all, if you are short like esme, you will almost inevitably need to hem them—they won’t scrunch up nicely at the ankle.  secondly, because they admit a lot of air, they are likely to be cool rather than warm (a plus or a minus depending on your geographical location and your position in relation to menopause).

but thirdly, there’s a problem you might not have thought of;  to wit, ’tis quite risky for a lady to go to the bathroom in a public restroom in these pants.  a skirt is easy.  fitted pants are not a problem.  but wide-legged pants (or harem pants that don’t taper at the ankle) will flow out around your feet and onto the floor unless you are very very careful and perhaps possess four arms.  bet you never worried about that one, eh?  you might want to bring along some rubber bands or maybe some of those things bicyclists use to keep their trousers from getting caught in the spokes of their bikes.

which leads me to one of esme’s rules:  always use toilet-seat covers when frequenting a public ladies’ room.  the minute you decide it’s fine, you don’t need one this time, that is the time you will regret it.  esme has recently discovered a pernicious problem.  you know those automatic flushing toilets?  well, seems they get confused and flush as soon as you put the seat-cover on.  esme hasn’t solved  this problem yet, but would be happy to receive your suggestions.

in the meantime, when it comes to wide-legged pants, buyer beware.




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