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might need tailoring

it’s hard to justify writing about fashion as i sit here sipping my morning coffee, reading the paper, and waiting for the stock market to fall.  seems we should be investing in pillow-cases in which to stash our cash, rather than cashmere sweaters or spandex cocktail dresses.  no wonder the thrift stores are so active!

however, the dedicated fashion blogger powers on and addresses what needs to be addressed.  in this instance it is the variations in shape among “petit” women.  esme has been relieved to encounter various blogs and articles on the subject of the “athletic” body type.  now that so many of us are working out, there are probably more of these.

i was looking at O magazine in the doctor’s office and found one of these articles.  seems that esme is not alone in having trouble fitting her short but muscular upper body into petit sizes!  this article recommended buying one’s tops and jackets one to two sizes (!!) bigger than the bottoms to accomodate one’s shoulders, and then having the torso tailored.  a definite pain in the butt, but better than having a shoulder-ectomy!

some athletes (esme is not one of them) also have difficulty fitting their muscular thighs (these, i believe, are what the trainers call “quads”) into pants.  .  esme would love to develop her quads but is prevented from doing so by her back issues.  anyway, the muscular-of-thigh do well with a looser pant, perhaps a skirt, and may need to buy a larger size and have the waist taken in.  esme imagines that cj jeans might work well for these types.

of course there are “athletic” types in regular sizes, as well as petits, but i suspect that regular sizes are a tad more accommodating.  keep your eyes open for a new line of clothing for “athletes” (and i don’t mean work-out wear).

does make one think about pioneer days when, even if people only had one or two outfits, those outfits were custom made by oneself, one’s mother, or one’s seamstress to fit one’s particular body.  not that i could possibly learn to sew at this late date but….




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