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stress test

i don’t quite know why they call this one a stress test, because any medical test you undergo is bound to be stressful.  (oh just kidding…of course i know why they call it that!).  esme was certainly stressed out about her first stress test.  it was not so much worry about her heart that bothered her but a) concern about hurting her back and b) fear she  would not be able to master the treadmill.  the last time she tried to run on the treadmill at the gym, she nearly got bucked off!  when it comes to her body, esme likes to be in control;  a treadmill (unlike say an exercise bike) moves FOR YOU and forces you  to keep up with it—dislike! (as they say on facebook).

on the other hand, as she sat in the waiting room feeling her heart racing and her blood pounding, she figured that the more nervous she was, the better, as the test would catch her at her worst.  this thought calmed her down immediately, and then she worried that she might be too calm……

of course there was the issue of what to wear.  the instructions specified “loose clothing” and “running shoes”, neither of which esme has (unless you count some of her high-fashion clothes from sylvie, hardly appropriate for a doctor’s office).  just imagine esme appearing in her shroud and harem pants and perhaps a pair of 5-fingers!!  i feel a 5150 coming on.  might as well put a few purple streaks in my hair while i’m at it and borrow christophe’s aviator shades.

esme settled for the outfit she’d originally bought for the gym—a pair of (fitted) yoga pants, black t and matching jacket.  as it turned out, the top was irrelevant, as they have you disrobe from the waist up and don a loose crinkly paper gown so they can attach all the leads. esme had wondered what one did about one’s bra, and now she knows.  on her feet she wore her one pair of running-type shoes, also purchased to ride the exercise bike, and cute but not very sturdy.

esme had imagined one rode the machine for, say, 20 minutes or so, but as it turned out the ride was short and sweet.  esme became disconcertingly breathless (my god the people at the gym ride these things for HOURS) but didn’t get bucked off.  in fact, she rather enjoyed feeling the muscles in her legs and the sense of exertion.  her heart passed with flying colors (aside from a little “benign” arrhythmia) and now she’s having the silly idea that she’s like to try the treadmill at the gym.  got to get in good enough shape so that the next time she does the test she can keep going forever!

loving that stress!

treadmill at the gym



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