by admin on August 10, 2011

miss c.'s skirt

skirt detail with feet and tatooes

so there i was rinsing my swimming stuff out in the sink when whom do i spot in another totally fetching outfit but miss c.!  i was wearing only my purple flip-flops and a few drops of chlorine, but miss c. had on a short-sleeved black top and a darling kind of ethnic-paisley skirt in blacks/browns/purples.  my usual routine is to wrap my swimsuit and rashguard in a towel and then pop into the shower myself, but in this case i had to liberate my iphone from my locker before miss c. left for work.  so i took this photo of miss c. quite starkers myself.

fortunately, you can’t see the photographer in the mirror, but miss c. came out loud and clear.  this was another thrifted skirt from goodwill.  esme has been leery about shopping at the goodwill, as it is not in the very best (nor the very worst for that matter) of neighborhoods.  but miss c. has tremendous luck there.  paisleys are all the rage, as are maxi-skirts.  so whatever distant land or era this skirt came from it is totally au courrant, as well as totally comfy and swishy.  the only trouble with blogging about thrifting is that you can’t refer your readers to the item pictured, as it is usually the only one of it’s kind left.

however, you can suggest an approach similar to miss c.’s, which is to be fearless in experimenting with color, shape and fabric no matter what their provenance!

i suggested to miss c. that she should start her own blog along the lines of “what i wore today”.  she modestly demurred, admitting that she has no facility for the computer.  so perhaps esme will just have to do it for her.




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