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kindle in bed

esme has been trying to shop only for relative necessities.  this includes undergarments, socks, and kindle-covers.  it explicitly excludes silk blouses, jeans, and crea vesty-thingies.  ok, we might make an exception for just the right pair of sandals/shoes IF they are on sale.  sign on the dotted line, esme.

a kindle cover has become a necessity because esme is now reading her many books on a kindle.  she has been finding that she has some difficulty holding the gadget and hopes that a cover will solve this problem.  a brief review of the kindle is in order.

esme loves the fact that you can obtain your book almost instantly with the push of a button.  she goes into a panic if she becomes bookless (that is, if she finishes one book before she has obtained the next one), so this feature solves that problem.  she also loves the way you can make the print as big or as small as you like.  and of course, i’m relieved not to be contributing weekly to our over-burdened bookshelves, garage, attic etc.

the biggest negative has been esme’s difficulty holding the kindle (while reading in bed) without accidentally pushing the forward buttons and turning the page.  maybe they weren’t designed for reading in bed.  also, to a person now accustomed to a mac and an iphone, the clickiness of the buttons seems kind of clunky and might eventually produce a case of carpal-tunnel.  the kindle (at least at the type size i’ve chosen) does not show the page or the title at the top.  a scrambled-brain person such as esme can have moments where she loses track of what she’s reading!

all told, reading on a kindle is an odd and rather disconcerting experience.  it really is different from reading a book.  so, esme has been hoping that the addition of a cover would make the kindle more book-like.  will this strategy be effective?  which cover will esme choose?  check back tomorrow for the answers to these and other pressing questions!

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