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amazon kindle cover


shopping for a kindle cover is not quite like shopping for clothes.  at least around here, there are very few stores that carry kindle covers, and the ones that do have little inventory.

esme obsessed over several covers she found on-line (this is the best way to get an over-view and even some reviews of what’s available).  she decided that, despite limited options, she owed it to herself to go up to best buy and check out the possibilities in 3 dimensions.  a kindle cover is one of those things that you need to FEEL, and to feel something you need a brick-and-mortar store.

of course best buy did not carry the buttery-looking cole-haan covers or these engraved covers by oberon that esme found on-line.  but they had a handsome leather cover designed by amazon to fit the kindle 3. it came with a little book light that does not need additional batteries.  the latter would be perfect for those carmel winters where the electricity goes out for days!  esme did make a little trip to the cole-haan store downtown, but they said they wouldn’t carry the covers until the holidays—too long to wait, what with the poor naked kindle shivering in the cold and all…..

so esme took the plunge and purchased a classic leather cover in black.  the only problem she’s had so far is that it smells to her nose more like dye than leather…..but mr. noir assures her that’s just how new leather smells!  however, she kept thinking about the cole-haan cover with it’s goat-skin interior, the romantic-looking oberon covers with trees and dragons engraved…..  in fact, she lost half a night of sleep to these troubling ruminations!

and then it struck her:  a kindle needs different outfits!!  just like a barbie!  one could have 2, 3 or even more covers, depending on one’s mood and the sort of book one was reading. esme never had a barbie (she was much more of a baby-doll girl) and really can’t stand them (too hard and plasticy and grown-up).  however, she does like the idea of multiple outfits. perhaps the kindle even needs a little faux-fur shrug so one could cuddle up to it like a cat!

well esme, don’t get TOO carried away,




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