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discount trina turk (the pants are at the tailor's!)

omg!  esme was counting on claire, her local thrifting expert, to steer her away from spending excessive bucks.  but that claire is a dyed-in-the-wool rascal.  after turning esme on to the local thrift venues, claire came along as a kind of co-shopper and egged esme on to spend spend spend (“hey, it’s only FOUR dollars”, etc.).  four times four times four times four can add up in a hurry….and these things are not returnable!

but how could esme resist the siren call of a new shipment of goods from local stores paloosh and bgb (70% off at the spca benefit shop)?  and in small sizes to boot.  when esme arrived a swarm of shoppers was descending on the rack.  esme was distracted by running into not one or two but several of her chums from various different venues (dog-walking, the gym, the yacht club, her book group, even her long-ago ballet class).  that’s one of the beauties of living in a small town.

esme spied lots of theory pants in size 0 (probably too small but worth a try).  one trina turk in 0 (would these run bigger?).  and a fetching grey wool coat.  however, esme had not really geared up her predatory instincts, and before she knew what was happening, a faster woman had snatched up the coat.  both claire and esme noted that it was too small for her and held their breathes.  the woman bought it anyway.

to tell the truth, this woman (almost any woman in fact) probably needed the coat a lot more than esme did….. even though it was indeed too small and she might get it home and have her husband say “hey, that’s way too small”.  she might bring it back to the store just as esme was about to leave and plead with the salespeople to return it.  at which point esme would leap in and save the day and get the coat into the bargain.   but then, maybe she doesn’t have a husband like mr. noir.

oh well.  esme supposed it was not meant to be and went on to try several pairs of pants.  theory zero was definitely too small.  however, esme found an attractive woman much taller and thinner than herself who gratefully snatched them up.  i told you i really should work in a shop.  the trina turks (light gray gabardine) turned out to fit perfectly.  oh no.  and they would have been perfect with the coat.  of course esme could not let them go, and only needs to spend another small fortune to get them hemmed.  she had been on a quest for the perfect gray pants many months ago, but then had decided she was a bit grayed out. well, back to gray it is, just in time for fall.

esme smuggled the pants into the house and held them up to various blouses in her closet–perfect.  mr. noir would never be the wiser.

thrifty or not, here i come,



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