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coolibar rash guard

esme's coolibar rashguard

serious inquiries concerning the provenance of a certain item are the best compliments there are.  this week esme received 2 such questions about her purple coolibar zip-up rash guard. she will admit that this is quite a fetching garment.  a dark, vivid purple with navy piping, it  is sleek and figure-flattering, easy to enter and exit, and covers up most of one’s swimsuit so that one can wear a speedo until it’s quite dead.

in fact, esme would love to have another one to use as a little jacket.  and she rather fancies a long-sleeve t-shirt in the same color.  the good thing is, coolibar is having an end-of-summer sale (20% off if i recall correctly).   the bad thing is that they are out of the purple zip-ups in esme’s size (they do have lots of other colors, including a striking turquoise and basic black).  so far, they are not making their long-sleeve t’s in dark purple, but esme is hoping they’ll come out with one for fall.

as most of you know, as rash guard is a must have for a daily outdoor swimmer.  even in carmel’s foggy summers one ends up with way too much sun damage without protection.  they do create a certain amount of drag, but esme has begun to rationalize this as something that makes one’s swim burn more calories.  every once in a while, esme allows herself a few laps without the rashguard as a little treat—my, does that make one feel fast and sleek!

against my better judgment, i have started to keep my rashguard on for my 5 minute mid-swim break in the hot-tub.  i’m sure that is not going to extend the rash guard’s life, but so far so good.  it is just too difficult to put even a zipping rash guard back on when one is already wet.

so readers, hurry over to the coolibar website and get your colorful rash guards while they’re hot (and on sale).  let esme know how you like them.  and my compliments to coolibar for garnering all these compliments!

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