by admin on August 15, 2011

green eyeglass case made from a sock

my very favorite pair of socks was a black cashmere pair with different colored dots.  i bought them years ago and only wore them when the weather was really cold.  somewhere along the way though, one of the pair got lost in the rings of saturn (or probably tangled up in a long-gone comforter cover).  i’ve never quite been away to throw the other one away, and now i’m glad i didn’t.

my cool new glasses came with a cool new case.  however, it’s architectural and bullky, a bit like a miniature purse.  i needed something soft, light, and protectiveto slip my glasses into in my locker while i was out swimming.  i thought of shopping for a cloth glasses case.  anyone who can sew could make one easily.  but of course i can’t sew, so……..

i hit upon the brilliant solution of using my favorite cashmere sock to hold my glasses!  clever, eh?  it slips right into my purse, seems to clean the glasses while i’m away, and brings back fond memories every time i use it.  perhaps you’d rather not be eating dinner with me at a fancy restaurant if i were to whip out my sock to stash away my specs but……. i promise to use it discretely.  for some reason, i hate wearing glasses while eating.  on the other hand, i keep having to put them back on to check out the customers.  however, there’s usually a perfectly fine perch for them next to a water glass, so the sock needn’t come into play.  anyway, it’s quite a fine sock and hasn’t seen a foot for years!   i will admit that the shape is a bit……socklike.

what we sacrifice to save the environment (and a few bucks),



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