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animal print shrug

abstract animal print?

it’s car week in carmel!  mr. noir is in 7th heaven and his been getting his exercise in the garage, waxing, polishing and generally pampering his e-type.  the town is full of exotic cars, foreign accents, interesting people with interesting outfits.  it’s the very best time to people-watch anywhere on the monterey peninsula.  tow-trucks work overtime, and the sound of v-12 engines fills the air.

we decided to attend a jaguar club dinner at casanova.  we hadn’t been there in years, as it tends to be even more fattening and expensive than many and the wine is tres cher.  sure enough….anyway.  esme should have realized that jaguar people would wear jaguar prints, but somehow she had never put this together.  all the women had jaguar-print tops, watch-bands, etc. and even jaguar necklaces and earrings.  what a great excuse to go shopping for a little animal-print something!  if only i had my faux-fur shrug that i failed to buy last fall!

as it turned out, esme wore her kelly lane dress atop leggings for warmth.  the skirt has what some might call an abstract animal print pattern (well that’s stretching it).  in any case, it was a great excuse to wear the dress.  esme’s dinner was quite delicious (gnocchi followed by filet with pesto sauce and mushrooms–be still my cholesterol).  she came right home and ordered a little gap animal print belt on-line (30% off today and tomorrow), but i fear it won’t be here in time for the next event, which is ummmmm today:  concours on the avenue (free) and dinner at the sardine factory.

perhaps i’ll wear an antique cat-pin i inherited from mr. noir’s beloved mother ethel—not many occasions for that sort of thing these days!

living the life,

big cat jewelry



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