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harem pants and eskandar at vvw

guatemalan sweater

esme was astonished to read in a post from one her favorite fashion bloggers (angie cox at youlookfab.com) that angie  keeps in her closet only clothes that she actually wears!  esme pictures a closet with perhaps 5-10 items in each category, neatly hung on hangers, with plenty of breathing room between the garments.  clothes that are not worn are given away.

this was really a completely new concept for esme, who tends to hang onto clothes, food, people, habits, stretched out swimming suits, etc.  (you should see my collection of frozen left-overs!).  even though esme is way too young to have lived through the great depression, something in her nature wants to squirrel things away for a rainy day.  and the crowd in her closet reflects this.

so esme started thinking about what she actually wears.  this train of thought began on a trip to the bay area to meet her family for dinner.  esme had chosen her favorite outfit for summer of ’11—harem pants, a thrifted eskandar linen sweater, an ethnic-looking bead necklace give to her by mr. noir several years ago, and bronze naot sandals (bought on sale in a panic over hot feet).  because it has been damp and chilly all summer in carmel, esme topped this outfit with a guatemalan sweater from pacific rim’s sale-rack (perhaps 5 years old).  under it she wore a nude camisole.  she confesses she brought along some socks just in case her feet froze.

as the noirs drove north the temperature rose.  esme divested herself of the socks and the sweater, and before she emerged from the car she had snaked out of the camisole.  thus the outfit took her from the ’50’s to the ’80’s (in temperature, not years) and back again.  and, she received a number of compliments and second glances.

the outfit is really comfy, airy and color-coordinated.  the sheer fabrics save it from being baggy;  it drapes nicely.  the color is light and summery, but pants and sweater cover all the limbs.  best of all, it goes with esme’s new glasses.  so, if i were to take an inventory of clothes i wear and love, this outfit would be one of the first to make the cut.

up next:  day-to-day wear.

feeling lighter already,




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