by admin on August 18, 2011

claire with green ferarri

claire's green allard

claire and esme met up at the concours on the avenue for a close-up-and-personal look at some beautiful cars.  claire fell in love with a number of them (a 1967 ferrari 330 gtc, a 1950’s era allard j2r, and something called a kaiser).  it turned out that all of them were green.  and not british racing green but a wild kind of sherbet green that, as claire put it, made you want to lick it!

i chalk this up to claire’s being blonde and green-eyed–a great color for her.  although delicious, these cars i’m afraid, are hardly green in the modern sense;  they are major gas-guzzlers and polluters, saved by the fact that they are hardly ever driven and function best as sculptures.  (if you have ever ridden in/driven one you will know what i mean).

claire also fell in love with a wonderful brown and red vw bus.  she just loved the chocolate-sundae-with-a-cherry-on-top color combo., and is determined to put together an outfit with these colors.  are you picking up a theme here?  she snapped this pic of esme in a variant of her daily outfit standing hungrily in front of the bus.

chocolate sundae vw bus

is it any wonder that esme made straight for the frozen yogurt store when she got home?



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