by admin on August 19, 2011

car babes with ferarri 275 gtb

one of the great things about car week is the people-watching.  and one of the best parts of car-week people-watching is what mr. noir calls the car babes.  these are the wonderfully dressed or undressed, coiffed, polished, waxed and primped women who stand out like flowers among the fields of cars.  one might think they were purely ornamental, but many turn out to be photographers, writers, fashion-bloggers, or even race-car drivers.  oh dear, esme could say a lot more here but she is afraid she had better watch her mouth!

anyway, i love to watch the car-babes, but it’s awfully hard to catch them on camera.  the best ploy is to take a photo of a car that happens to be surrounded by a gaggle of car babes.

and then of course there are the car guys.  car week is a wonderful opportunity to spot men in fedoras and natty blazers, italian loafers with or without socks, beautifully tailored trousers.  or perhaps they are showing off their legs in khaki shorts and more italian loafers (without socks).  many of them are even babbling away in italian!  esme caught one inspecting a citroen (i would so like to ride in one of those).

car guy and citroen ds 21 with pneumatic suspension

esme even encountered this fabulously turned out couple, she swiss and he english, dressed for a day of jaguar-ferarri-porsche-allard viewing.  esme knew they looked familiar when they agreed to have their photo taken…..but then, she has only seen them in their swim-suits (they are actually some of esme’s swimming buddies!).

classic car couple

i love to look,



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