by admin on August 20, 2011

car guys and cigars

concours cars on ocean ave.

in real life, esme rather dislikes both the smell of cigars (even though it reminds me of my grandfather) and the odor of car fumes(even though it reminds me of mr. noir).  however, for concours week, anything goes.  the thursday tour, when concours cars and drivers stop for lunch on ocean ave. and the masses can see these rare beauties for free, turns fumes into fantasy.

esme loves to watch the car guys and speculate about their lives.  what country are they from?  what kind of villas do they inhabit?  what are their wives’ favorite outfits?  what would it be like to be one of them?  i really wish claire would take up with one of these guys (a single one of course) so i could find out!

i caught this wonderful grouping of cigar-smokers as i was walking home.  what is it with cars and cigars?  and is a cigar really only a cigar?




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