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jaguar following mg on pacific grove tour

our neighbor's '60's lincoln at pacific grove car show

esme has realized that most readers are unlikely to be familiar with the details of pebble beach concours week.  let me start by summarizing the events that are NOT free.

perhaps you know that the crowning event is the concours d’elegance on a sunday–an amazing and expensive event where historic cars are primped and polished as though new to show off their stuff on the greens of the pebble beach golf course right by the sea.  viewers sip champagne, nibble caviar, spread blankets for picnics, come in period costume, and enjoy the cars and the crowd.  note:  it’s often chilly and foggy and involves a lot of walking so that the choice of footwear is problematic.  one should certainly bring a hat, a wrap and a camera, and i’d say it’s best not to carry a purse!

the other big events are the concorso italiano (ferrari’s, lamborghini’s, alfa’s, lancia’s, cigars, leather jackets, etc.) and the quail (beaucoup bucks, ladeda, food, wine, car-babes, cars).  one can volunteer to work at these events and get in free, but then one doesn’t feel like a gazillionaire for the day.

there are numerous car auctions where you can get up close and personal with the kind of folks who drop a few mil for a car.  they and their outfits are fun to look at.

these days, however, esme sticks to the events that are a) free and b) possible to exit at a moment’s notice.  these include the concours on the (ocean) ave. on tues., the viewing of the concours tour cars on thurs.,and the pacific grove car show on fri., among others.  mr. noir displayed his jaguar in the latter and all the cars took a drive through pacific grove, pebble beach and carmel to whistles and cheers of by-standers all along the hour-long route.

esme wore her jeans, boots, black leather jacket, thrifted black turtle-neck and little black hat.  it was drizzley and chilly but the outfit was perfect–not too hot and not too cold.   a brigade of motorcycle police escort the cars and one can forget the cares of the modern world as one basks in gasoline fumes and applause.




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