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cabi faux fur shrug

stella and dot necklace

remember cabi (carol anderson by invitation)?  these are kind of like tupperware parties but for clothes, and oh so much more compelling.  esme attended one last night, preceded by a similar party for the jewelry line stella and dot.

thank goodness for these parties (and the champagne which accompanied them), as esme was in a low mood when she arrived.  she had just come from her bone density/mammogram screening and had learned that a) she has lost an inch and a QUARTER in height, b) that one of her breasts is a lot bigger than the other, and c) that she really should have an ultra-sound or mri in addition to her mammogram due to breast density.  oh yeah, and d) that all of the above just get worse with age!  just one narcissistic injury after another.

anyway, a little sportshopping was just the antedote to all this bad news.  stella and dot is a relatively new line of really well-made costume jewelry.  esme fell in love with a modest little necklace of gold rounds on a leather chain, as well as a snake bracelet with rose-colored eyes.  she also really liked a black leather bracelet with gold-colored rose-shaped studs (!)

by the time the cabi presentation came along, esme had forgotten all about her medical traumas.  the fall collection had lovely silk blouses (in various combinations of black and white), a striking black and white tweed coat, comfy pants, and several interesting jackets.  esme just had to buy a darling faux fur chinchilla shrug (also salt and pepper colored) to compensate for the abstainer’s remorse she had experienced last year when she failed to buy a similar item in leopard.

but the best thing about the party was the champion shopper you see here.  she had just had some minor surgery and was feeling under the weather, but steeled herself to come shop.  she tried on so many clothes that she literally became faint and had to lie on the floor face-forward while we tried to revive her with cold-packs, water, and advil!  don’t worry……she made it home safe and sound and with quite the record shopping experience under her belt!

shop 'til you drop

esme faired a bit better.  in fact, she was surprisingly full of beans (and ideas) by the time she got home.

not dropping quite yet,



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