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shape-shifting robot

i don’t know about you, but esme has found her fifties to be a period of bodily challenges (possibly even dysphoria).  even if one has no major illnesses (kanehora) and even if one follows all (or at least most of) the rules regarding exercise, diet, etc., one finds to one’s dismay that one’s body has a life of it’s own;  it becomes a shape-shifter.

try as one might, it becomes a sisyphian task to maintain one’s weight, even for a person such as esme who has had the same poundage plus or minus 4, for some 30 years.

even if one’s weight remains steady (and as i say it usually doesn’t), one finds with horror (at one’s annual physical or gyn apt.) that one has lost considerable height.  a good inch in esme’s case, which believe me, she is in no position to lose.  so imagine your body scrunched up by an inch (or more).  there is just not as much space into which to put things.  and this means that you will have bulges and sags and protrusions in places where you can least afford them.  don’t let anyone tell you otherwise:  this is not a fun time for the vain.

esme was particularly struck by this process when she decided to go through her drawers, try on things she hadn’t worn in a while, and discard the ones that did not fit.  she found that most of her jeans (a year or 2 old at most) were way too tight!  no wonder they were sitting abandoned in the bottom of her drawer, taking up space.  esme’s shape has shifted.  and jeans are sort of the canary in the coal mine.  at least the solution was clear:  out with the old!  and you know what that means…..

no wonder i keep buying so many pairs of pants.  not only do the styles change, but the body is constantly shifting.  harem pants are forgiving, but forget about jeans.  even with stretch there’s only so far they can go.

well, think of it this way:  goodwill, yellow brick road, spca benefit shop are all the beneficiaries.  someone whose shape has not yet shifted will be happy to have all of esme’s discarded jeans.  in the meantime she must remember not to buy too many at once–never know when the next shift will occur.  here today, gone tomorrow.  as it was in the beginning……..asses to ashes busts to dust……(or something to that effect)!



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